If you recognise the power that email and the web can offer your marketing, then Spark Media Lab can help you to realise that power

We understand exactly what makes an email work and how to design your mail to communicate your brand and your message. Our best-practice, ethical email methodology includes:

  • Flood-protected MIME delivery system
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences facilities
  • Complete tracking and reporting (opens, forwards, click-throughs, bounces etc)
  • Database management
  • Low cost-per-email, high success rate

2. Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth

Viral marketing could be the supercharged communication tool you need to supplement your PR and advertising and truly get the message about your brand or product to spread... but if it's done badly then it's ineffective, or even worse, it could create a backlash that damages your brand and tarnishes your corporate reputation. We have the creative and the methodology to develop, unleash and maintain powerful viral marketing strategies.

3. Tribal Marketing, Online Communities and Groundswell

We understand how online communities work and the opportunites they present. Working with you to identify (or create) key online communities, influentials (opinion leaders) and evangelists, we can help you to jumpstart, amplify and influence the word of mouth surrounding your brand or product. Is this important or effective? A well-known 2003 study found that 76% of people find recommendations from word-of-mouth to make them more comfortable buying a product or service, while only 15% said the same about advertising.

4. Powerful Websites and Microsites

Flash or HTML? Stand-alone or with a custom designed, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)?

Our websites are intelligently designed to enhance your brand and your message and optimised for search engines. Depending on your requirements, they could include:

  • E-commerce facilities
  • Loyalty program and community facilities
  • CMS built to requirements
  • Digital branding, content and design services
  • Search engine optimisation and marketing


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